Taito Type X+

Battle Gear 4 Tuned


Game Info:

Battle Gear 4 is an arcade racing game by Taito Corporation released in July 2005. It is the fifth product of the Battle Gear series. In 2006 the cabinets have then been updated to the Battle Gear 4 Tuned specification, which contains more cars, courses, and a new game mode. The game runs on the Taito Type X motherboard, and has capability of connecting to the Internet. The typical controls include the gas and brake pedals, a steering wheel, a + / - gear stick, and a handbrake. A "Nitrous switch" is available as well, which triggers either the Nitrous Oxide system on tuned NA cars, or a scramble boost function on tuned cars utilizing forced induction. Both boosts in engine power come at the cost of reduced handling. A newer variant of the cabinet Battle Gear 4 Tuned Professional Version, sports a further clutch pedal, and an H-shaped gearbox control. They are used together to simulate full manual shifting. The professional version was released in November 2006.

Known Issues:

Weird controls/driving slow
Be sure to select left most control option, NOT the center control option.

Half Life 2 Survivor


Game Info:

Half-Life 2: Survivor is an arcade game based on Half-Life 2. It was released on June 28, 2006, on Taito's Type X+ arcade system.

Players control their movement using two joysticks (one for each hand) and floor pedals. Three gameplay modes are available: Story, which approximates the events of the original game; Mission, which forces networked players to work cooperatively toward a goal; and Battle, which parallels the deathmatch content of the original game. Up to eight players—either local players or individuals in other networked arcades—can participate in the Battle and Mission modes.

In Story mode, players advance through partial combat scenes from the original game, following neon-lit guiding arrows. Each chapter has several levels with goals such as "Kill Combines" or "Find your way to the goal". When goals are completed, the player is taken to the next level. When players finish all the levels of the chapter, the game ends. Progress can be saved on a removable card to allow the player to choose a new chapter at the next visit. Aside from the G-Man introductory cut-scene, Half-Life 2: Survivor does not incorporate any of Half-Life 2's story elements, levels, or physics-based puzzles.

In Mission mode, there are three objective maps with three difficulties: normal, hard, and super hard. Map goals include "Collect gems", "Destroy Zombie spawning points", and "Escape". A Battle mode is also available in the game. It is essentially four-on-four team match. Players can choose between two different factions: the Combine and the Human Resistance. Both factions have four classes of troops: Ranger, Soldier, Sniper, and Engineer.