Chase H.Q. 2


Game Info:

Chase H.Q.2 (チェイスH.Q.2) is a Japan-exclusive racing game released by Taito Corporation. It is a numbered sequel to Chase H.Q.. The game was announced in AOU2007 Expo.

The game follows the formula of the original, but like Battle Gear 4 that Taito released previously, the game features 3D graphics.

The player takes control of three main vehicles. One of which is a modern stock sports car, a patrol sports car and a striped muscle car. Each level consists of one simple goal of racing to the end with the intent of defeating the villain vehicle, which has to be damaged enough to be taken down and the criminals taken into custody. Some villains have tricky tactics that make gameplay more challenging. Gameplay is also based on a point system.

Unlike previous Chase H.Q. games (including Special Criminal Investigation and Super Chase: Criminal Termination), the game features fictional automobiles modeled after real life cars.

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