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Cyber ​​diver (CYBER DIVER) is an online shooting game ( FPS ) for arcade released on December 17, 2009 from Taito. The abbreviation is " Sai dai " (it also multiplies "maximum").

It is a substantial successor work of "HL 2 S" which terminated service with Taito original FPS developed by the staff of " half life 2 survivor " ("HL 2 S"). Like "HL 2 S", it corresponds to Taito 's arcade network service " NESYS ", and a nationwide match is possible. Also, if you use a special card you can participate in the all mode network correspondence ranking. Online updates are also being carried out from time to time.

Basically, it is almost the same as "HL 2 S", but unlike the real route of "HL 2 S", this work is a fictitious company "GENESYS company" (Genesis Sha) via "Cyber ​​Link System" (Cyber ​​Link System, CLS) It is a setting of the near future route that the player dives (infiltrates) to the virtual battlefield world called "cyberworld" to offer and performs a battle game in that world. There is no story mode, and it is a game specialized in the shop or online matchup.

Arcade board in the Taito Type X2 use. TX SURROUND is installed in the sound (DX type chassis only). Use left and right sticks and two pedals as an interface.

Network service ended on March 31, 2014 at 6 o'clock in the morning. From then on it will be offline.

Nationwide Battle - Mode to play online with 5 players and 5 players nationwide.
In-store battle - Mode to play against up to 5 players and 5 players in the store.
Single Battle - Score Attack Mode fighting COM's enemies alone.

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