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Homura is a top-down shoot'em up of the bullet-hell persuasion. The player takes on the role of Homura as he fights his way through 4 levels filled with demons. Each stage has a branching path where Homura can pick which route to take. The paths will meet up at the end of the stage however, so the boss fight will always be the same.

There are several ways to dispose of the enemies in the game, where the common one is a projectile attack (as it the norm of the genre). What sets this game apart is Homura's sword slash technique; When used it makes the enemies' bullets bounce back towards them. The more bullets are slashed at once, the higher the score multiplier will be. The sword slash has to be recharged for a few seconds each time after use. There are also powerful special attacks which will clear the screen of all enemies or do massive damage to bosses.

Killed enemies drop money, which is used to fill up a meter. When the meter is full, an "option" helper is added to Homura's side adding additional fire power.

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