Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA





Support since: 0.7
Compatibility status:
  • Single player fully supported
  • Test menu is supported
  • Card emulation fully supported
  • Tag team battle not yet supported
Multiplayer 2 Players over direct IP, 2 Players through TeknoParrotOnline
Versions 1.0 / 1.2

Game Info:

Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA was released in March 2011.

A new mode, Tag Battle, was introduced. Unike its predecessor, it was released for Sega RingEdge hardware for the first time. The game saw a change in its driving physics. Unlike Initial D Arcade Stage 5, a drift gauge and an updated tachometer was introduced to help inform players whether they're drifting or not. The legend of the street mode also introduced a "Rolling Start" for the first time since the story mode in Initial D Special Stage. The tachometer now inform players if their speed is below the gear range. Online network is extended to support regions in which earlier versions of the game was known to be popular in, finally achieving both national wide and international matches. For the first time in series, new cars and courses are added to the game through online updates without upgrade kits like IDAS4 1.5. The game also added a mileage system to show players their total driven mileage. Mileages can be used to redeem exclusive cars that were later available in updates. New characters that appeared for the first time in the game are: Ryuji Ikeda, Hiroya Okuyama, Go Hojo and Rin Hojo. New course such as Usui, which also used from Arcade Stage to Arcade Stage Ver.3/Street Stage appeared with new layout, Tsubaki Line, Sadamine and Akina Snow, also appeared before in Arcade Stage Ver.3 which daytime is night change into day.

Note: AA = Double Ace

Helpful Files

Modified e2prom for Content Unlocks
Download the following file and place inside your AppData\TeknoParrot folder. You can easily open your appdata folder by typing in %appdata% and hitting Enter/Return in your Windows search bar.

Otherwise you can browse there: C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\TeknoParrot


Known Issues:

Shader fix for AMD GPUs thanks to Nezarn.

Dirty Card Reader Error
Press the View Change button to close the error message and proceed

Network Setup:


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