Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX





Support since: 1.06c
Compatibility status:
  • Single player mode fully supported
  • Test menu supported
  • Card emulation fully supported
  • Tag team battle not yet supported
Multiplayer: 2 players over LAN, 2 players through TeknoParrotOnline
Versions: 1.0

Game Info:

Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX, was released for in November 2012. Like its predecessor, the legend of the streets mode from Original and Another mode are exactly the same as the previous one (Arcade Stage 6 AA) with Rebirth mode. The game is mostly a carry-over from Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA, including updates. New characters include Shinji Inui to complete the Sidewinder battles of Project D; new cars include the Toyota Sprinter Trueno 2door and the new Toyota 86 GT (to replace the FT-86 prototype from the previous game). A new class of vehicles is introduced in this game called "Complete Cars". These include pre-tuned cars from several tuning shops in Japan, such as RE Amemiya. Online battles now include tag battles, allowing two in-store machines linking together and with internet access to battle against two other players in tag battles. New courses such as Tsuchisaka, which previously used in Arcade Stage Ver.3/Street Stage also appeared and Nanamagari, Team Spiral's home course. In this game, there are 3 songs which also used from Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.3/Street Stage and only a song from Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.2/Special Stage with new songs. The ending theme of this game is Gamble Rumble (7th Stage Version) by m.o.v.e., the opening theme remix of Initial D Third StageInitial D Arcade Stage Ver.2/Special Stage and Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.3.

Helpful Files

Modified e2prom for Content Unlocks
Download the following file and place inside your AppData\TeknoParrot folder. You can easily open your appdata folder by typing in %appdata% and hitting Enter/Return in your Windows search bar.

Otherwise you can browse there: C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\TeknoParrot


Known Issues:

Shader fix for AMD GPUs thanks to Nezarn

Error(s) on game start
If you receive this error when starting the game:
Simply press the View Change button to continue. 

To get rid of this error message completely, simply press start+test button and it will go away

Network Setup:


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