Let's Go Island


Support since: 0.4a
Compatibility status:
  • Single player fully supported with mouse
  • Two mice not yet supported
  • Test menu is supported
Multiplayer: Local 2P (one mouse, one gamepad)


Game Info:

Released in mid-2011, this is the sequel to Let's Go Jungle! Taking place on a Pacific island, the protagonists are a goofball New Zealander guide called Zack and a nerdy Canadian girl called Beth. While on a tour, their tour boat collides with another boat with a small group of pirates landing on the boat and are being chased by sharks after landing in the sea, there the captain is killed by a giant squid. And though they manage to escape from it, they must go to an airport in order to get off the island. When they arrive and board a biplane, the pilot demands to "to show them what they have" mistaking them for the pirates. But the plane gets attacked by a giant queen bee. After defeating the giant queen bee, they are kidnapped by the leader of pirates, and are forced to retrieve some treasure from beneath the sea, which the leader was told of by the pilot. After retrieving the treasure, the crew is shocked to see that the tube sought after was empty. The leader flies into a rage and kicks a "Green Leaves" barrel filled with ominous chemicals, which he somehow stole and stowed on board. The chemicals spread to a field of coral creating a giant monster. After the monster throws them near the plane's crash site, they manage to kill the monster by shooting it with a firework into its mouth. When they blow up the monster, its remains break up into debris and rain gold, which happens to be the actual treasure. While then being stranded at sea after the battle and awaiting rescue, the two then began to start a relationship as they face toward a sunset before the credits begin to roll.

Known Issues:

If the game crashes please use DxWnd to set windowed and resolution to 1024x600 (or bigger)

Player 2 Controls
Currently two mice are not supported, player 2 must use gamepad

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