Raiden IV


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Raiden IV (雷電IV Raiden Fō) is a vertical scrolling shooting video game developed by MOSS that was first released for the arcades in Japan in 2007. A home conversion was produced for the Xbox 360 in 2008. A later version was released for Taito's NESiCAxLive. An updated version of the game, entitled Raiden IV: OverKillhas also been released for the PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows.

The gameplay of Raiden IV is identical to its prior instalments, although its level design is different than Raiden III, but it is exactly the same as Raiden II, as the player starts from in-land, over the farms. In later levels the game progresses through a vast cityscape, into the sky, and finally onward to space. The player faces many enemies, powerful stages, and fearsome bosses. The Flash Shot System, first introduced in Raiden III, returns in IV. Multipliers are given for destroying enemies that just appeared on screen; the faster players destroy enemies, the higher the bonuses are.

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