Samurai Spirits Sen / Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny



Samurai Shodown Sen, known in Japan as Samurai Spirits Sen (サムライスピリッツ閃, lit. "Samurai Spirits Flash") is the fourth 3D game in SNK's popular Samurai Shodown series of versus fighting games and the eleventh title in the series. The arcade version was released in most other countries as Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny, and Shi Hun: Mingyun Zhiren (侍魂 -命運之刃-, lit. "Samurai Spirits: The Blade of Fate") in China. The Xbox 360 version was released elsewhere as Samurai Shodown Sen. It was released for Japanese arcades on April 17, 2008. The Japanese Xbox 360 port was released December 10, 2009.

The game was made to celebrate the series's 15th anniversary.

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