Shining Force Cross Raid



Shining Force Cross Raid (シャイニング・フォース クロスレイド) is an update to Shining Force Cross. It was not ported to any home systems.

Versions Supported
1.00, 1.05

Not Emulated/Not Working
Card/character creation
Network link

Known Issues & Fixes

IC Card Setup
Download these files and place in C: root. Currently you cannot change or name your character.


When you get in-game to the main menu, press F2 to insert your card.

Black Textures
Download this file and replace file inside "rom" folder.


Black Textures on version 1.05
Thanks to Nezarn, here is a texture fix for version 1.05


Windowed Mode
Currently windowed mode is not working, will be fixed.

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